Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Hello again!

Phew... Christmas is very quickly approaching. Tree is up, thanks to Hubby, Tree is decorated, thanks to Hubby, and house is decorated. Yup, thanks to Hubby again! Why you say...Ohhhh, because I have been busy down in my oh so awesome crafting hole crafting up a storm, finishing Christmas projects and orders. Nope still not finished..... soon, very soon (I hope)
Anyways, lots and lots of new ideas have come my way! We are halfway to completing our newest venture of making THE most awesome wall frames. These are big, like 20' x 20" inches big. Some include vinyl lettering, some are blank, some have a really cool scroll edge. They are amazing... very worthy of displaying your new Family Photos you had taken for Christmas :) and yes, woodwork courtesy of my awesome Hubby again. I am so lucky :) Stay tuned!!
Then I dabbled in chalkboard signs... here is the latest! Hot off the press, and yes, available to purchase for your special someone this Christmas!
Size of this one is 18" x 21" (approx)
Fun hey?! Who wouldn't want to wake up in the morning to a cute note!
Let's see... what else can I show you??
Christmas signs are a plenty... here are 2 I delivered today!
And one last thing before I go to bed....I have started the custom T-Shirts & Onesies. Loving that too! Check out this fun idea. A lucky and really adorable little boy is already sporting this one around town :)
 So keep me in mind if you need a gift for someone....I am pretty sure I can help ;)
Night Night

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is in the air!

What a great start to Fall hey? It has made it a little tougher to hover downstairs in my new Crafting cave (which I LOVE, thx Hubby!) I did manage to get a few things finished, including this cute Autumn Subway Block which will just stand on it's own looking fabulous on your Mantel or Shelf.
But November 4th is quickly approaching and The Sullivan Elementary Craft Sale will be on! So I best get my butt in gear!
Have a great Day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Working on things for ME!

I am finally getting around to making some projects for me.... Yay me!
I have been wanting to do something with this really big blank wall in our house forever and decided to make one of those fun family photo walls with a bunch of different size frames you see everywhere. I have a ton of pictures printed and was running out of space on shelves for so on the wall they go!
We layed out all the  frames on the floor and arranged them the way we wanted and started hanging them up... and of course I left a nice blank space for me to have one of my Vinyl pieces front and center... here is the before...
Yes I know, there are empty frames, we are just deciding which ones can grace this wall :)

So here is the after...
MUCH better, but then there is that little blank space to the right that is irking me ... so I need to fix that and will post the true after piece once I figure it out!

Happy Labour Day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Slightly been distracted!

Eeeesh! I can't believe my last post was November 2011! Wow....
I have been passing on my blog to a few people lately and realized I hadn't updated with any new project in quite sometime, but NOVEMBER!!  What was I pregnant or something?!
Well, Baby is here and life is bliss. She is a fantastic baby and we are spoiled with lots of sleep at night as well (everyone always asks!)

Well, I am super, super excited about my new venture. I have purchased a new toy that will enable me to make custom baby onsies and T-shirts! Have a baby shower coming up? Email me and see what I can do to help you out....Should be here this week so give me some time to learn and then I'll be set! Of course I will continue to do the Vinyl sign / wall decals as well :)

Let's see, what cool new projects have I been up to, well I am in the process of making a Photo wall and wanted a vinyl quote for the center so I chose this one...
Oh, and my neighbours Sister wants to make something like this in her house so I am in the process of cutting "The best of times" out for her. It's neat how the clocks show the time of birth of each child!
Anyways, there is more, lots more but I hear baby is awake from her nap...gotta run!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee! LOL!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 days left... oh my

Well, I am trying to get a bunch of new pieces together for this week-ends Craft Fair at Sullivan Hall, honestly, I really am! Life just keeps interrupting me! Here is the newest piece I have made. ENJOY!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 down... a gazillion more to go!

Here's the 1st of the new holiday designs. I love the new Subway art that is out there so I decided to make a Holiday inspired subway shelf block. This awesome chunky wood sign looks great on my ladder shelf I think ... hmmm, maybe I shall keep it.... lol.

$25  Measures 9" x 9"

Monday, July 4, 2011

I *heart* working on custom signs...

I remember not too long ago when 60 was *old*..really old, I also remember that I used to think 30 was old and life was over by then... what was I thinking??! Lol
Well, I've since come to my senses and realized just how *young* 60 is and what an exciting time of your life it is I mean really, retirement is just around the corner! When one of my friends asked me to make something for her Dad who's turning 60 and had just got himself a new Mountain Bike I was excited! I love working on new things and had once seen a framed piece with a quote that was just the perfect thing for this "Old" Mans Birthday prezzie....
what do you think?! I like it, I LOVE the colour too :)

Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine.... FINALLY!!!